• Getting to N’s YARD using YU-TAKU



    You can visit N’s YARD by taking the “YU-TAKU“.

    It’s a route taxi service managed by Nasushiobara City. If you are using the “YU-TAKU”, a reservation is required.

    For reservation, you may call “Kuroiso Kanko taxi”.

    Upon arriving at the taxi stop, you will need to walk 15 minutes to reach N’s YARD.

    Please see the following for more detail.


    Fare table

       One Ride 1-Day Pass
    Adult ¥200 ¥400
    Student : ages 16- ¥200 ¥400
    Youth : ages 6-15 ¥100 ¥200
    infants : 5 and under free free


    <How to use the “yu-taku” [reservation]>
    1. Make a booking in advance

    Step 1. For booking the YU-TAKU [Kuroiso Kanko Taxi] Call: +81 [0]287 62 1526

    * Business Hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    * Reservation is available from one week ahead to 1 hour before the first YU-TAKU stop departure time of boarding the day.

    Step 2. When you call we need these information.

    • Passenger Name
    • Total number of passengers
    • Contact number in Japan
    • Pick-up Date
    • Using line: Takabayashi,Aoki line
    • Using YU-TAKU number:Look at the table
    • Pick-up Location:Kuroiso Station
    • Drop-off Location:Aoki stop

    *Try to use Japanese language.

    *When you can’t ride it for any reason let us know.

    2. Get in the YU-TAKU

    Step.1 Be sure to arrive early before the reservation time at the station.

    YU-TAKU stop : Kuroiso Station

    Step.2 Get in the YU-TAKU. Please confirm with the taxi driver the destination [Aoki Stop] of the YU-TAKU.

    Step.3 Please ask your driver to make a stop.

    The driver will make a stop at the closest location according to your needs around “Aoki stop”.

    *YU-TAKU route dose not pass N’s YARD. So we kindly inform you that tell your driver your destination;N’s YARD first, and ask the driver to make a stop around “Kuroiso Aoki Post Office[yu-binkyoku]”;its the nearest place from N’s YARD located on the YU-TAKU route.


    Please use  Takabayashi,Aoki line [Kuroiso Station – Aoki].

    If you need further information, please check YU-TAKU timetable and route.


    takabayashi,Aoki line(to aoki)- on the way

    line number takaao 01 takaao 02 takaao 01 takaao 01 takaao 02 takaao 01
    YU-TAKU stop | YU-TAKU number 10 12
    Kuroiso Station 7:52 9:45 11:44 14:15 16:25 18:05
    Aoki Stop 8:14 10:10 12:06 14:37 16:50 18:27


    takabayashi,aoki line(to kuroiso)- return

    line number takaao 01 takaao 02 takaao 01 takaao 01 takaao 02 takaao 01
    YU-TAKU stop | YU-TAKU number 11
    Aoki Stop 7:25 8:45 10:49 12:49 15:09 17:20
    Kuroiso Station 7:47 9:10 11:11 13:11 15:34 17:42


    Aoki Stop(near the Kuroiso Aoki Post Office)to N’s YARD for map, please click here:

    It is approx.15min[approx..1.3 km] on foot from Aoki Stop to N’s YARD.


    If you need help to making a reservation for your way to return, please ask the staff at reception when you come to N’s YARD. We will be happy to book it for you as long as the booking deadline time is not passed.



    • The schedule is from April 1st, 2019 changeable. Please check the latest schedule online prior to your visit.
    • Arrival time may change depending on traffic. Please use this only as a reference.
    • For further information, feel free to contact us. Nasushiobara city tel:0287-62-7127